Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Pars Faragam Qeshm Website is Update.

Welcome to P.F.Q

PARS FARAGAM Qeshm Engineering & Construction Co.

Welcome to Qeshm, a gift from God, consigned to our custody, to be appreciated as a taken entrusted to us by Almighty.


“Pars Faragam Qeshm Company (PFQ)” is an EPC contractor which utilized at the north of Qeshm Free Zone Island at Industrial area to perform all prefabricated objects such as Jacket, Pile, Deck & Heavy Steel Structures (Special Modules).

We have overcome many obstacles in the past and now it is the appropriate time to benefit the synergy of intergradations and working together. We are interested to work jointly and hand-in-hand with interior and exterior counterparts to perform projects.


A brief presentation of our abilities, resources and experiences are given in the following pages. We are able, eager and ready to commence business with you.

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